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Was verdienen Models wirklich?

Gisele Bündchen verdient rund 47 Millionen Dollar pro Jahr, Doutzen Kroes und Adriana Lima bringen es auf 8 Mio und bei Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr und Kate Upton reicht es immer noch für stattliche 7 Mio! Und Cara Delevingne, die wir zur Zeit fast überall zu Gesicht bekommen, ist mit 3,5 Millionen Dollar ebenfalls ganz vorn dabei! Die absoluten Supermodels des 21. Jahrhunderts haben im Jahr 2014 unvorstellbare Summen eingenommen!  Doch wieviel verdienen Models, welche wir täglich aus Katalogen und Zeitschriften lächeln sehen und deren…

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A models´ wardrobe

In cooperation with the blonde factory, a nice article has come out a while ago and I thought it´s a good idea to share it with you as well As some of you know, I have been an international model for many years, travelled the world with thousands of other models and experts of the fashion industry. During my journeys, I have noticed one thing that every model has in common – the wardrobe! No I´m not kidding, although models come from different areas of…

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Bad skin, migraine, diarrhea & low energy?

Deleterious reactions to many foods we eat are prevalent whether they are hidden or life threatening. Approximately 6% of children and 3-4% of adults have food allergies [1]. Those with food sensitivities and intolerances are more difficult to estimate. Some suggest that between 45-60% of people may be affected by IgG delayed hypersensitivities, but I would guess that everyone has at least one food that causes a heightened immune response at any given time [2]. There is confusion about the differences between food allergy, sensitivity and intolerance. Many doctors and drug…

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